Care your item


All our goods are hand made in Spain. We don’t like call them jewelry, they are little sculptures. They can have foundry pores, but they belong to the cire perdue process and they make special each item. Each one different from the others, with preciously and precisely imperfection.

Mostly we use brass, and sometimes Sterling silver. You can view all details on products pages.

We polish them very carefully and give them the appear they have when you get them. But in the fact of using them, they can change the color or the original surface. I think this is magic and belong to your own story.

Specially brass goods, can oxidize when they are used, but we include with every order a profesional clean cloth to keep them always good.

You can clean brass too, with a home made paste with a bit of vinager, salt and flour. You can envolve every item (only for pieces made of brass, without pearls or any stone) with this paste  and leave it some minutes, then rinse it and dry with a clean soft cloth.

Always we recommend to try to keep your jewellery dry at all times. Always avoid contact with chemicals such as perfume. After wearing, gently wipe with a soft, clean cloth and store in a dry place.

If you want to avoid “green finger” caused for brass in contact with our PH, you can apply transparent nail laquer on every zone would be in contact with your skin like inside rings or behind earrings.

If you have any question please write us to

Enjoy your item and let it belong to your story!