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    Big eye

    75,00 €

    BIG eye made of brass, in Spain. Lost-wax casting cire perdue process. Prototype hand-modeled in wax. 

    To play with, to decorate... It has a front with open eye and a back side with a closed eye. Solid brass, it keep a singular temperature, but when you hold it, its temperature change with yours. To keep on your pocket or to leave on your desk, it moves with a small touch. A singular item to enjoy...



    Total weight 17.5gr + Brass + Hand made in Spain + Packaging includes a box and an special cloth to clean brass + this item is made to order specially for you and it´ll take us about 5 weeks

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    Egg box

    349,00 €

    This is a VERY special item. Its design tooks me about a year to finish it…! It is a delicate camuflated egg form box with the black string as a key. It has a hand made stick to guide the string trough the holes. The knot near the stick is a slipknot, this way you can adjust the lenght of the necklace.

    To open the box you have to remove the string and turn one Shell over another. To close your secret box again you have to insert again the string helping you with the stick-key.

    Hand made in Spain. Calibrated one by one,  lost-wax casting cire perdue process, with foundry pores, preciously imperfect, a magic sculpture to keep you Little secrets. Each one different from the others. Prototype modeled in 3D and modified by hand in brass until its final form.